Circus comes to town, the monkey bites me

This week a big colored circus tent was propped up in the dry sandy soccer field behind my house. When Friday night came, my nurse friend, Aracely, called me saying we must go. So without further hesitation we went off to the grand old circus.

El circo
El circo

Now this was my first Peruvian circus, and I came in with no expectations. As we walked in I was shocked there was a little monkey to welcome us. As many of my family and friends know, a lot of people refer to me as ‘monkey’ due to my monkey-like looks and energy.  I have always loved them, so I was excited to see a primate similar to myself.

The show went on mostly filled with 3 clowns telling jokes, and an interesting acrobat show to the infamous Titanic ‘I will go on’ by Celine Dion. Of course, I was incorporated into the show for being the ‘norteamericana’ there, and interviewed about my love life to the town.  Just a normal Friday night.

As we walked out, I insisted on stopping to adore the monkey (not knowing my future)… here he is.

The predator himself
The predator himself

Aracely said, “don’t touch him, he probably has rabies”. Oh…how I should’ve listened….

Then came Sunday Funday….Annie my best friend rode her bike over to my town and I wanted to show off the monkey to her. I introduced her to the clowns, and to the little monkey. He weirdly was very attracted to Annie and rather excited…I think it may have been his first time seeing a blonde babe. This led to the odd moment when he got a boner and started jerking off to Annie. On that note, we left as we were a bit disturbed by his personal act.

The lovers
The lovers

Our fatal flaw was going back to take pictures with the monkey. Annie took her photo-shoot with her new little boyfriend. Then…it was my turn. Monkey girl (me) face to face with real monkey was a bit frightened by his eager aggressiveness. I put out my finger to shake its hand and than pulled it away in fear. This is what led him to bite me, three times, rather aggressively. I screamed pulled my hand away, and there was a good amount of blood. The clowns told me the monkeys smelled my fear, and I should try again.

Horrified, I stepped away from the vampire monkey. I asked if he had rabies, and they said no, that they bought him in the jungle and was vaccinated. To be safe, I called up my doctors and informed them of this bizarre incident of ‘getting bit in the desert by a monkey from the selva on a traveling circus in my less than 1,000 person town right after he jerked off to my best friend’. They sent antibiotics to help with any infections, and are bussing in rabies shots overnight.

So that was a strong way to end the month of May.

Ooo ooo ah ah,



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