Mail me love

Hola familia y amigos!

Who loves hearing from their amazing friends and family when their in another hemisphere? This girl!

If you are so kind and generous to send letters or packages or good moral to this PCV, here is my postbox:

Jamie Hackbarth

Serpost – Cuerpo de Paz

Casilla Postal 805

Piura, Peru

How to send: it is recommended to be under 3 pounds, and in a padded envelope. That being said I have received bigger and in boxes. Send via USPS (Postal Service) only, there are probably with UPS and FedEx down here.

Anything from a sweet postcard to wet wipes, art supplies, good alcohol, chocolate chips, toiletries and gifts for the host family are must appreciated! Surprise me and I will send back love via snail mail! And you may make the hall of fame!


  •  Little Susie & Big Jimmy Hackbarth
  • Crazy arms Ashley Hackbarth
  • My wonderful Aunts & Uncles:
    • Aunt Nancy & Uncle Dick
    • Aunt Patty and Uncle Jim
    • Aunt Susan and Uncle Mark
  • My second Mama Mrs. Griffin
  • The weirdo Sammy Martilotta
  • The hilarious Sara Pardi
  • My thoughtful cousin Christopher

Thank you all for all of your generosity and sending pieces of home down here. It is very genuinely appreciated 🙂 Love you!


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